Blessings in disguise

Updated: Apr 27

So after the FREEZING cold family photo session I had about 25 good photos to edit and give to my sister in law. I obviously needed more variety to advertise, but in order to get that, I needed more clients…. So, I prayed about it and waited. The following day, much to my dismay, our basement flooded. 30 minutes later found me up to my ankles in water wringing it out into the bathtub then laying my towels on the floor to soak up more….it was miserable. I struggled more than I ever had in those two hours to not be upset at the Lord for “allowing this to happen” (I was the one who left the bathtub running, so it was my fault, not anyone else’s) My husband “randomly” got a call from our pastor asking how things were going, that was definitely the Lord prompting him to call. Pastor then called the deacon Lucas and they both arrived at our house to help tear the floor out so it could dry before there was time for mold to grow. Jeffs brother in law came too and the group of them had the entire basement de floored in about two hours. While they were down there, Lucas’s wife Shelly came over to bring him dinner. She asked me how things were and we started talking. It came out in the conversation that I had a new camera and was working to build up my portfolio. She told me they were looking for someone to take their photos before Christmas and asked if I would do it. It was decided that the following Monday I would take their photos just two blocks away on Connell’s Main Street by Kaffrins Coffee Shop. (the basement then stayed exactly as it was that night for three months until we had the time and money to fix it up again.)

Monday rolled around (it was pretty cold but nothing like Thanksgiving day had been) I walked from my house with my camera on my shoulder down the street to Kaffrin’s Coffee, where I immediately ordered myself my signiture 4 shot Hemp Milk Latte. (yes it’s delicious, if you are intolerant to dairy long enough to forget what real milk tastes like) I waited around for a few minutes before Lucas and Shelly walked in, each had to order their own drink. We exchanged pleasantries and headed out. They were both SO stiff, it was almost painful, I knew them well enough to know that this was just because I was there, (it was obvious to everyone that they really really love eachother) So I decided that we needed to get relaxed, I told Lucas to hold Shellys hands and pull her into his arms as fast as he could, and wow, that first time was painfully stiff, I lost it and started laughing. ”Ok guys, we are gonna do that again! The goal here is to move fast and relax in each others arms, it is this kind of thing that gives us the very best smiles” We kept doing this for probably three times before I felt like they were even starting to relax. The rest of the session from there was a blur, they completely relaxed, and as we progressed through different prompts and dance moves, they became less and less aware of my presence, and it was showing. That session was probably my funnest couple session, I realized that this was not only something I enjoyed, this was something I was good at, and I was just so thankful. That session was what told me that the Lord was answerring my prayer that I had prayed for over a decade that I could be a professional photographer some day doing FUN photography.

By the time we were done on Conell’s main St, Lucas said he wanted to try photos in front of a windmill he saw just outside of town. So I hopped in their car (I had walked all the way across Connell at this point and was glad for the offer to have a ride) and we headed out. We drove over some of the most beautiful golden rolling hills of wheat, under a bright blue sky and came to this old windmill, it had a board sticking out probably six or seven feet, so we had to maneuver around so it wasn’t an eyesore in the photos. At this point, they needed no prompting (which was a good thing as the wind was so strong they wouldn’t have heard me anyway, other than an occasional hand gesture from me they were amazing on their own), they were pros already, they danced, kissed, dipped, and hugged in front of that windmill. I then noticed a meat old wheat harvester or something like that close to the windmill, so I had them sit on that, they were whispering in each others ears and caressing eachother like I imagined they did all the time when they were at home.

After they drove me back to my house I invited them in, took a leap of faith and let them see the photos in edited right from my camera. The expressions on their faces told me they were happy. But then Lucas said, “hey there is probably going to be a great sunset tonight, would you mind getting more photos with that?” Of course I said yes, and about two hours later we met again out on those hills, with one of the most stunning sunsets I had ever seen. That day was so much fun, seriously one of my all time favorite memories and definitely my favorite photoshoot. I edited in a crazed fever that night, and by the following morning had a VERY large album of amazing photos to give them, (much larger than I would ever offer for that price again. But I really appreciated them taking a chance on me, knowing nothing of my skills or if I was any good at all. And most of all, I was thankful to the Lord for turning a disasterous basement flood into something good. (I used the photos to make some more FB posts and from them, booked my first two weddings, my first senior session, and my first full family session for people I didnt even know.

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