Can’t take the credit, just say “thank you Jesus”

Updated: Apr 27

So, my camera had literally JUST come in the mail, I was so incredibly exited to start taking pictures and building a portfolio., I asked my sister in law if I could take her family photos, and she amiably agreed. Two days later was Thanksgiving, and all my husbands family was having a reunion for the first time since Jeff and I got married in 2017, so that was kinda a BIG deal! We met at my in laws house in Eltopia WA, the day was going lovely, when I suddenly I had an allergic asthma reaction to some artificial fragrance, (this has been an issue for me for ages....very frustrating!) My sweet husband brought me some Benadryl as I sat outside just trying to breathe.

20 minutes later it was in full effect, I was SO tired, but thankfully, breathing well. As I sat there feeling like it was time to take a nap, my sister in law and her family came out, it was the only time that was going to work for them to get their photos, and literally the WORST possible time for me. Now, I'm stubborn, so I prayed a quick prayer asking the Lord to just take over the shoot, and help me get great photos in spite of my brain fog and drowsiness and grabbed my camera. We met behind my in-laws house, and they asked me what I wanted them to do. (Did I mention that it was COLD! I don't mean chilly, it was literally below freezing and SUPERm windy, it was also SO BRIGHT, I couldn't even see my camera screen, I had made a guess as to what settings for the full noon day sun I would need while standing in the shade before that and and put them in, but I couldn't check to see how they looked. Her kids were in light jackets and already shivering. I looked at them and thought, "this is going to be a complete bust, there is no way these photos aren't going to look miserably stiff and cold." Jen, (my sister in law,) and her husband Nate asked me what to do, it was time to make this happen. I told them to walk out a ways into the wheat field (cut down to stubble at this time of year) I then had her freezing little kids race to their mommy and daddy, I told Jen and Nate that as soon as the kids got there, they were to hug the kid, then give each other a kiss. This was all an idea I had taken from an amazing family photographer you-tuber in Texas. Well, the first attempt didn't seem too impressive, so I did it again, than we changed it up and I had the kids run back to me. After about ten or so minutes Norah, (my niece) was getting too cold, so I called the rest of the shoot off, I wasn't about to freeze an adorable little princess! We all went inside, and after thawing my hands out, I began to look at the photos I had on my camera, ( I admit, I wasn't expecting anything decent.) But the results really really blew me away, I almost cried, because in spite of the cold, brain fog, wind, inexperience with my new camera, the BRIGHT noonday sun, and the short amount of time we had, the Lord totally did it! Here are a few photos from that day.

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