Just a yellow weed

Updated: Apr 27

So a few days ago, Jeff was doing a real estate drone job on Jefferson St in Kennewick, he asked me to join him and help get some creative shots. (I am pretty sure he just uses my “creative eye” as an excuse to have me come along with him so we can spend more time together. But hey! That is cool with me!) His mom was happy to watch the kids for the evening while we did the job. Jeff had been gone in Seattle WA for almost an entire week doing drone inspections on cell towers, so I was especially missing him and eager to call it a date. Shortly after arriving, I noticed a cute little row of dandelions growing along the sidewalk. I thought to myself, “those should probably be weeded” but then I looked a little longer an idea popped into my head that wouldn't let go. So I crouched down and put my head as low to the ground as I could looking toward the setting sun right through the dandelions, and there it was, a really awesome angle for a great shot! Now I had foolishly left my camera at home because this was a drone job, not a camera job, so I pulled out my phone to see what I could accomplish.... and got so lost in my little project I lost tract of time... and my husband. A "few minutes later" (later he showed me all the footage he got while I was taking dandelion photos and I realized that it had been more than a couple minutes! Oops!)

Well I got the shot I was after and looked up to show Jeff….and he was no where to be found. I stood up and walked to the front of the house and almost smack into his drone as it came to a landing. There he was just doing his job, being all responsible and sweetly not saying anything while his ditzy wife took dandelion photos….Right away I showed him the one shot, and his reaction was quite satisfactory, he was pretty shocked that those little yellow weeds could make such a cool photo on my phone. That got me musing, as I often do, drawing parallels between this little experience and the Lord. I feel like those dandelions sometimes, like if anyone saw me from a birds eye view they wouldn’t see much, a 30 year old mommy, busy with life but nothing very interesting. But when I think about all the Lord has done in my life, I see something very different, I see value and love. The love of a gracious Heavenly Father toward his often wayward daughter. The way he so carefully teaches me to lean on him, to trust him even for our daily needs. The way he provides for me financially when it seems there is no way to make the check book balance. The way he provided a husband so loving and good, when I was determined no good man would ever want me. The way he gave me strong healthy happy children when it seemed impossible. The way he has put people in my life that encourage and sharpen me. The way he has allowed me to be a help to others, when anyone else could have done it, but he let me be the one, knowing that I desperately wanted to feel needed and useful. And most of all, they way he provided a way for me to be saved from my sin and the punishment of sin, by providing his own son to take the punishment of MY sin, and offer a beautiful free forgiveness to me. Then go through the trouble of making sure I heard about it and was given a chance to accept it. When I look at my life in light of God’s goodness, I see beauty and value, because he sees me as worth the trouble he has put out for me. And that is an amazing thought, and changing my perspective made my life seem beautiful to me; as I saw that God values me, and loves me so much. Just like a dandelion, there might not be much to see in me from other peoples perspective, but when I look at my life in light of God's goodness, like looking at the setting sun through the dandelions, there is true beauty.

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