As a mommy myself I know the amazing feelings and breathtaking moments that turn into faded memories, memories that I never want to forget.

The way it felt to hold my newborn daughter Sarah, and that wonderful fresh baby smell she had for the first week, the way she fit so perfectly into my cradled arms, and just slept there so safe and secure. The way it felt when she first started walking, she held my hand to keep steady as she took her first steps. The way she lights up and runs to me when I first walk in the door, the joy and love on her face as she squeals "Mommy!" and full body slams into me for a hug. These are the moments that mean the world to me, and I don't want to forget them.

I cherish photos that remind me of how happy these moments were, and I know I am not the only mommy who feels like this.

My photography style is really to capture the way you feel when you are with your baby and how you remember them, so for years to come, as your baby grows into a kid then teenager, you can always keep those memories fresh and new in your memory.