When I think of my family, the things that come to mind are who they are as people. I think of my husband's kind and gentle ways, the way I feel so safe and loved when he just holds me in a long hug. I think of my daughter's giggle, her long silly stories and her love to do crafts and projects with me. I think of my son's exuberance, the way he loves to just be with me doing nothing special, the twinkle in his eye when he is being a stinker...these are the things I love about my family, the things that I want captured.

I have had photos before where we were all dressed nicely, posed well, but looking somewhat expressionless or fake. I also have photos where we look like a wreck, but we were having so much fun being together, and honestly I love those photos best.

My goal as a photographer is to get those genuine moments captured in a beautiful way that you can be proud of, while remembering the moment and the  feelings of love that photo brings back to you. 

 My full family session usually involves an activity, something suitable for the ages of your kids, or teens, I like to get you all doing something together that you would normally enjoy doing on a weekend when you want to have fun together. Then I take photos while you do it! Paired with well as some posed photos and just lots of variation. This package is ideal for families with children ages 1 to 13, where you want to capture how your family times feel together, also ideal for grandparent sessions as well, they really can create images that hold them memories of grandparents in the grandchildren's hearts forever. I personally would give almost anything to have had this with my grandparents, we were very close.

 30 to 70 photos (I dont hold the good ones back, sometimes that means you get a lot!)

Here is an example of thus type of session 


The basic package is shorter and more simple, ideal for larger groups. We do some fun games to get the kids exited and having fun, different prompts for groups of adults, take some great but fast posed photos, usually do a little walk and then if desired I do a real quick couple shot, or any other combo you might want. This is the kind of photos you would want for larger groups, or to just get a budget option. They are simple, fairly seamless, and you get amazing photos when you are finished!

15-40 photos
Here is an example of this kind of session