Babies are beautiful in so many ways, I loved every single baby stage my kids went through. I remember how still and peacefully they slept as newborns, the way they just looked around at the world around them taking everything in. Then the stage where they started laughing, that was priceless! The first wobbly steps stage.

Every stage has its own uniqueness. I focus less on fancy props and creative set ups, and more on your baby, newborns want their mommy, so we get most of our best shots as they sleep in her arms, the toddlers don't want to sit or stand still, so I follow them, I encourage play and teasing. My best photos are when the baby is happy, so that is what I focus on. No baby has ever ruined their photoshoot for me because I work so hard to make sure they are having fun, whatever that looks like, playing with rocks and dirt, peekaboo with mommy over my reflector, or their favorite,  "run from the camera lady".
The baby featured on the top of this page was pretty sad that day, she wanted her mommy and did not want her picture taken, but with a simple game of chasing mommy, we got this shot. So don't worry about your baby, we will find out what makes them happy and get you photos that show who they are!